Another good day at the office!

Sunday 12th March saw GISB make the annual trip to Torquay's Riviera Centre for the West of England Regional Championships.

This year's set test piece was young composer Dan Price's intriguing 'Darkwood' - a suite based around the history of Blackley village in Great Manchester. 

The band were pleased to be placed 6th out of 18 competing bands. Even more pleasing was the acclaim received from the brass band press for the performance. 

From 4barsrest:

13. Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)

We have been waiting for one to gell — and this has been it for us. Bravo MD (and what a lad to take or the stage in white shirt and red braces) who had a splendid take on the score.


His players responded in kind too — just little bits and pieces went awry, but the confidence and the stylish execution won through. Impish opening, Methodist melancholy to follow and real joivre de vivre in the finale. Super stuff with some great soloists too — from sop down. The leader for us now.

From British Bandsman:

13. Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)


Very good opening - all in place and played with dynamics and precise rhythm. We like the approach to House on the Hill too and the 6/8 dance feels appropriately ‘English’ in the spirit of Holst or Vaughan Williams. Some minor intonation problems emerge occasionally but the overall picture is excellent. Blackley Village is well presented too, with surging dynamics building up the musical tension. Finale is full of verve to close a very fine show.

And this:

In the BB Frame

1. Gillingham Imperial Silver (James Bennett)

2. St. Stythians (James Burns)

3. Lydney Town (Kevin Ford)

4. Corsham (Colin Hogg)

5. Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver (Joanne Sykes)

6. Cheltenham Silver (Nigel Galliott) 


*NOT the official result!  

In all a satisfactory day for the band, and with two top six results in two years, a good result next year would place the band strongly for a return to the second section. 


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