If you would like to learn an instrument and read music, then the junior / training band is the ideal place.  From complete beginners, to more experienced players wanting to enhance their skills. Monday and Friday sessions offer a fun and relax environment to learn.

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Following the Band

You can follow the band on facebook, Twitter and here on the band's website

  Facebook Page here.  The facebook page will keep you up to date on events and selected blog items. You don't need a facebook account to see this page

   Facebook group here The facebook group has photos and of course you can add your own thoughts and comments on here. (you will need a facebook account to join this group)

https://twitter.com/ Twitter page here follow @GillinghamBand for all you tweeters, you can get the band feeds through this social site

The Band's You Tube channel is here, and you can find clips of the band performing

CDs available now

Band CDs are now available to buy.  Stage and Screen Classics, and the Joint GISB & Hille Concert CDs are now available from any band member costing £5 each.