Supporters Club

The Supporters Club organise events to make money for the band.  They are always looking for helpers and ways to make raise money for the band.

2012 '100 Club' results

Here are the results so far this year
January:      (65)    Roger Cox                 (75)    Val Baker
February:    (45)    Mary Bridle                (78)    Joan Carter 
March:        (13)    Neil Hunt                     (100)    Doreen Fricker
April:           (58)    Tracy Williams             (66)    Julie Hipworth
May:           (18)    Angharad Ross           (77)    P.W. Mills 
June:          (10) M. Gawler                       (12) S. Williams
July:           (53) S. New                            (98) M. Howarth
Aug:           (20) W. Bracher                     (80) S. Ingham
Sept:           (44) M. Sandy                       (47) J. Whitmarsh
Oct:             (83) D. George                      (98) M. Howarth

We will update these throughout the year


2012 Christmas Concert

The Supporters Club are pleased to announce the Annual Carol Concert which will be held at the Gillingham Comprehensive School at 3pm on 16th December 2012. Tickets will be £5 on the door, and entry for Children is free.

There will also be a Raffle, and Refreshments.

Both the Band and the Supporters Club look forward to seeing you at the concert, for some festive cheer, and as always, some great music and entertainment.

The Christmas Draw will also take place, tickets (20p per ticket - £1 per book) can be purchased from any band member beforehand or on the afternoon of the Concert. Prizes are: 1st £100 - 2nd £50

The band will also take the opportunity to present trophies and awards for the outstanding members of the bands.

The 100 Club draw for December will also take place


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