Dave Wathen

Dave Wathen has been an avid supporter of many of the towns groups and clubs.  Over the years, Dave has been generous enough to donate money to the Training band, enabling them to purchase smart reversible uniform jackets and bow ties, to ensure they look as good as they sound.

Mr. David Wathen

A little more about Dave (Courtesy of the Town Council Website)

In October 1979, the Town Mayor, the late Cllr. C. C. Howe proposed that Mr. David Wathen should be officially bestowed the title of Gillingham Town Crier.  This proposal was unanimously supported by all members of the council.

Mr. David Wathen became a member of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers in 1980.

During his years, as the Town Crier for Gillingham, David has travelled to Canada, where he has 'cried' in competitions in the cities of Halifax, Nova Scotia (many times), Fredrictown New Brunswick, Toronto, Vancover, Victoria and Sidney (Vancover Island), Annacortis U.S.A. Hamilton and St. Georges Burmuda.

David has also 'cried' in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Majorca and all of the major towns and cities in the United Kingdom, where a competition has been held.

David achieved 'Notable Achievements, European Champion' in 1988.  Weymouth International Champion, 'Dorset County Champion' twice, with several placing and 'Best Dressed Crier'.

As a committee member of the A.A.H.G.T.C. for over twenty years, Mr. Wathen has held the position of Standard Bearer, Treasurer and Guild Sergeant.

Mr David Wathen has completed thirty one year's service as Town Crier for Gillingham and is still carrying out his duties to the highest standard.


The Band are very proud to be associated with David, and would like to thank him for his generosity over the years.

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