The Band Room

The band have a dedicated practice hall located in the Square in Gillingham, that is attached to the Phoenix pub, as it used to be a dance hall for the pub.  The band purchased this two storey building many years ago, and have made good use of it ever since.

The Band Room

The main practice room and library occupy the first floor, with the function room, kitchen and toilets on the ground floor.  The practice room has a high ceiling and although it creates a nice sound, the room has been recently carpeted to improve the acoustics, to help the band focus on their sound for contesting.  There is enough space for 30 - 40 band members, plus the percussion section to practice.

This is the function Room - The Hille Room room has been totally refurbished. A few years ago it was just a very wet cold store room until several members of the band cleared it out and started working on the walls. A couple of builders were employed to point and plaster the walls and concrete the floor, and rest was done by band members.   This room has been decorated with items that have been given to the band from their Germans friends in Hille.  

A new kitchen was put in by Phil Weatley, with the electrics in the kitchen being done by Cliford Sheen and the plumbing by Roger Cox. 

Hille Room
The Hille Function Room

There is also a pool table, dart board, music centre, Piano, and an Organ. The band feel very lucky to own this fantastic building as it serves not only as a great practice room but it is also very good for meetings and the social side of the Band.

In the function room they are able to hold the odd party and of course it is a nice place to go after the rehearsals.  The band and supporters also hold events to raise money such as jumble sales, coffee mornings, quiz nights etc.

Gillingham Imperial Silver Band feel that it is very important to take care of the social side of being in the band, as well as making money to run the band, this Band room does both of these jobs well.


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