Hille 2023

Hille 2023

Another very successful trip to Hille, we've been spoiled by our fabulous hosts and are now back home in England.

This year was very special for the bands as it marks 40 years since the first visit back in 1983. We marked this with the exchange of gifts, an engraved glass with the two bands' crests on from Hille, and we gave them a Yard of ale on a display stand (without the ale), it did take a little explanation on what it was for!

We had some amazing performances, with our Eb bass player, Michael getting some laughs with his rendition of the Bare Necessities (complete with bear costume), and our guest cornet player Harry with a very memorable performance racing around the audience with Post Horn Gallop.

Musikzug Viktoria Hille gave us performances of some classic tunes in an 80s Flashback and Meatloaf - the Hits, a fun game of Finding Nemo in Beyond the Sea, and a moving clarinet solo by Stefan Kruse of the Schindler's List theme.

Each evening was rounded off with meals and drinks around the Hille area, including an actual Piss-up in a brewery and the now-traditional England vs Germany sporting event, where as usual Germany won!

We've had a fantastic time seeing our German friends with a band of current and previous Gillingham players and some new faces, it wouldn't have been the same without them.

A special mention to Clive who agreed to lead us as MD for the trip. We are now delighted to say he has agreed to continue to conduct us. We look forward to the future of Gillingham Band and the next visit from Hille in two years' time in Gillingham.


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