Cory Band Contest

We may not be playing out and about at the moment, but this doesn't mean we're not playing. GISB are taking part in a virtual contest with many othr bands from all over the world, go over to on Friday the 18th September at 17:00 to see us perform. Don't worry if you miss us the video will be up on youtube for you to watch later.

The order of play on Friday for third section is:

3rd Section - Friday 18 Sept - 17:00 (BST)
1 Gillingham Imperial Silver Band
2 Dynamic Brass
3 Brilliante Brass
4 Towcester Studio Band
5 Regent Community Brass
6 Brass Band B10
7 Cnl Brass Band
8 Hawk Green Band
9 Newcastle PCYC Brass Band
10 Lostock Hall Memorial Band

If you want to keep up to date with all going on with the contest head over to for updates from Cory. The results will be going live on Saturday 26th after the championship section have played.

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