Principal Cornet - Liam Carey

Liam grew up in Rainham (Kent), and moved to Gillingham in 2004 for work.  He joined the band in 2007 following a move from Sherbourne Town Band. 

Liam Carey

He started learning the Cornet at 8 years old. He was taught by Alistair Mackie (Principal Trumpet of the Philharmonia Orchestra) at Uni? Liam studied for a BMus (Hons) degree at Surrey University, specializing in performing and conducting.

Liam's wife is also a professional musician as is his brother who is in the Grenadier Guards.

Liam and Alison have 2 sons, Toby, and Theo, who enjoy dancing around to Mummy and Daddy playing music.  Liam also plays Piano, Oboe, Cor Anglais and the Recorder.

Not many people know that Liam has been on TV more times that most of the rest of the band put together, appearing on 'Supermarket Sweep', 'Back to the Floor', 'Light Lunch' and 'Top of the Pops' !!


Strengths : Good at the Alphabet (Useful for Filing music Alex!)

Weaknesses : Football, Jet Skiing, Cooking Quiche

Likes : Italian Food, Drink and Women (Alison is 1/2 Italian btw!) (Nice get out Liam!)

Dislikes : Lack of Pencils and their usage

Starsign : Virgo

Other Hobbies : Swimming, Badminton, Spending time with the family

Other Roles : Liam is the Uniforms Officer for the band.

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